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Writing Readable Blog Posts

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Hire a ghost blogger for readable blog posts and credible blog posts.One of the things we focus on as ghost bloggers is readability. The point of a blog is not to just cram keywords into some shoddy copy and hope that Google picks it up. We know that good copy builds trust with potential clients. People are much more likely to click through to a website or call for service when they’ve read an engaging post. That’s why creating readable blog posts is the most important job of a ghost blogger.

The first step of the blog-writing process is research. If I need to write a post on mortgage lending, or events in a far-away city, or plumbing issues, I spend time reading up on the topic. Getting a sense of the place or a handle on specialized vocabulary is necessary for authoritative, readable blog posts. There is more than enough gibberish content out there–no sense in adding to it!

Once I have a feel for the topic, I imagine the audience for the post. When someone searches the keywords I’m using, are they hoping for inspiration, information, encouragement? The post has to capture the reader and motivate them to take the next step–read more on the website, make a call, request information. This is accomplished when the reader is genuinely offered something of value, something trustworthy. When the goal is readability and credible blog posts, the keywords flow naturally.

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