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Community, Connections and Friendship – The New Marketing

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WP-BlabEver stepped into a room filled with people you didn’t know? Maybe it was a class in school or a seminar you needed to cross off your list. Perhaps a friend or acquaintance invited you to a gathering. Or it was that time you decided to take a chance and try something new… Regardless of the what and why, you likely found yourself outside of your comfort zone. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s necessary. In our ever-changing, hurry-hurry, busy, technology-enhanced world, it’s important to look beyond our usual routines and reach to embrace the unknown. Courage to do so defines who you are and in essence is the bones behind “new” marketing.

I used the word new in quotes, because this concept really isn’t new. People and businesses have been building themselves and their companies for years by forging into unchartered territory. Embracing community, developing connections and creating friendships is key to growing your influence in any sphere. As a company we offer blogging, social posting, email and website content development services to help our clients gain trust with their potential customers, by creating a platform where they can construct their credibility and authority.

Connecting with WPBlab – A True Example of “New” Marketing

Last night I joined the co-hosts of WPBlab, Jason Tucker and Bridget Willard, in discussing the best times to post WordPress blogs, social media content and emails. It’s a topic I know plenty about, but the reason I took the time, is because I am friends with Jason and Bridget. We have formed connections with one another through years of being involved in the WordPress community and locally through Social Media Masterminds Orange County. We follow each other on social media and each post deepens our friendship as we discover more about each other.

Bridget wrote an amazing post on how industry relationships foster online and shared how 10 minutes a day on Twitter (her preferred social channel) gains results. I’ve watched her grow her influence on social media and I’ve witnessed her success assisting commercial enterprises with this as well. The point of her post is not to get on Twitter, however. The point is to take the time to connect – to contribute in whatever way you can, wherever you can.

Maya Angelou has said, “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catchers mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.”

Throwing something back is “the new marketing.” Giving of yourself, contributing something original, sharing your knowledge or listening and enhancing on what someone else has shared strengthens your authority and your industry. In doing so you develop yourself, your business, your messaging and your sphere of influence.

Whether you post on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday is not as critical as consistency and authenticity. “New” marketing requires that you find your voice, create your platform, share your insight, and amplify your unique message. Doing so online and offline will establish your authority, foster lasting relationships and make you the go-to in your industry.

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